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Manila, Philippines
L.F. Lee
August 3-11, 2002

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DSCF2399.jpg DSCF2400.jpg DSCF2401.jpg DSCF2402.jpg DSCF2403.jpg DSCF2404.jpg
trip to the "People's Park in the Sky" in Tagaytay City
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DSCF2405.jpg DSCF2406.jpg DSCF2407.jpg DSCF2408.jpg DSCF2409.jpg DSCF2410.jpg
trip to the "People's Park in the Sky" in Tagaytay City
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DSCF2411.jpg DSCF2412.jpg DSCF2413.jpg DSCF2414.jpg DSCF2415.jpg DSCF2416.jpg
Manila street scenes
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DSCF2417.jpg DSCF2418.jpg DSCF2419.jpg DSCF2420.jpg DSCF2421.jpg DSCF2423.jpg
Manila street scenes
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DSCF2424.jpg DSCF2425.jpg DSCF2426.jpg DSCF2427.jpg DSCF2428.jpg DSCF2429.jpg
Manila street scenes Peninsula Manila
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DSCF2430.jpg DSCF2431.jpg DSCF2432.jpg DSCF2433.jpg DSCF2434.jpg DSCF2435.jpg
Peninsula Manila dinner at Kaya Express
Korean Food
Shop No. 009, Lvl P1
Rockwell Power Plant Mall
Amapola cor. Estrella Sts.
Makati City
DSCF2436 DSCF2437 DSCF2438 DSCF2439 DSCF2440 DSCF2441
DSCF2436.jpg DSCF2437.jpg DSCF2438.jpg DSCF2439.jpg DSCF2440.jpg DSCF2441.jpg
Kaya Express Korean Food Peninsula Manila P&G

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